Vintage Martin D-18

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 10133205649283500 Vintage Martin D 18

For auction is a Martin 1953 (ser.#133106) D-18. Collectors look elsewhere because this strictly is a player's guitar. For those who know who I am, know this guitar has been one of two favorite guitars to perform and record with, and also know I will not mis-represent an instrument.  If not completely satisfied with the instrument, you pay shipping and and let me know within 24 hours if satisfied. Full refund if not satisfied. I accept pay pal.  (The mail is slow where I live). Now for the details:

For those looking for a player's guitar that has the wider 1 3/4 nut, and wider fingerboard specs of pre-1940 Martins, with a sound more akin to the red spruce tone rather than sitka (not knocking sitka), this may be the guitar for you.  The guitar is structurally solid, except for a couple of small cracks that either have never been glued or have come unglued, on the back and I think one side only. They've not affected the performance of the guitar so I haven't bothered with them, though the buyer may opt to have them glued. The finish has been polished and worn so much it's hard to tell where the finish is original. The back and top and parts of the sides do not have a "stripped look" The top shows old playing wear and has not been sanded, though there is little finish left. The back is stiffer than some, which I prefer on D-18s, with original
thickness specs.The guitar for the most part, does not have a re-finished look, but rather a "much played look". The top is stiff Englemann spruce, which is typical of 1953 Martins according to information based on a C.F. Martin interview, though to some it has the appearance of red spruce. It is very obviously not sitka. The tuners appear to be original, the bridge a brazillian rosewood replacement. Two patches, one on each side on the wide bouts. Top has no bowing issues. No one has ever noticed any cracks in the neck. Peghead may have had rhinetones placed on the faceplate.

Now as to tone and playability:
The guitar has a full,very dry and rich tone (in my and many professional guitarist's opinion). The action is low but doesn't buzz. the saddle is a little higher than a new Martin, but is solid in the bridge. The end of the fingerboard is shimmed up so that it is level with the rest of the neck, allowing very high notes to be played easily and in tune.
I am selling this guitar to put the money into other needs. I am touring but will do by best to answer all questions as they come in.
I will state again that if you are not happy with the guitar, you pay shipping and return within 24 hours for full refund. Thank you.

 10133205649283501 Vintage Martin D 18

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